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"I was offered a position that I'm totally excited about and think it will be a future for me. I couldn't have done it without Ken’s program. The interviewer said I nailed the interview because I asked questions - and it seemed like I was "interviewing" her. She told me nobody had ever done that before or had taken such an interest in what was expected. I totally owe that to Ken and the guidelines that his program gave me."

Christine Eddins

“Many thanks Ken for sharing your unique, yet proven perspective that helps hiring managers visualize me working with them. I’ve worked with outplacement firms and career coaches and at the end-of-the-day developed a great resume—that looks like everyone else’s. After completing your training and acting on your plan, now I have a resume that stands out from the rest and gets results, thank you!”

Keith Pease

"I used Ken’s interview suggestions on Wednesday and received a job offer on Thursday. The 4 step processes - uncover needs, confirm, reflect and close - did the trick. Plus I sent his suggested 'Thank you' note. I've been interviewing since June and never felt as positive as I did on Wednesday after putting the DigYourWork suggestions to practice. It worked!"

Mary Thornhill

"I have been laid off since last January. After the DigYourWork program, I revised my resume and sent it to 1 company and just got called by them for an interview the next Thursday. You've already helped!"

Rachanda Miller

….and 22 days later:


"You asked that I keep you posted.  Today was my first day on the job that I landed using the DigYourWork techniques.  As I told you before I got an interview to the first and only company I got to send the new and improved resume to, landed an interview, used the interview techniques landed a second interview and ended up getting the job, yay!!!  Thanks for all your help.  I have already begun recommending you to friends."

Rachanda Miller

"I am proud to say that I now have a full-time job. I am working remotely from my home office in Austin for a spectacular company with offices in Boston and Baltimore. The DigYourWork program gave me the confidence and optimism I needed at a time when I needed it most! The company created a job for me and I had a part in identifying my title -- Director of Momentum and Innovation. I couldn't be happier!"

Robin Brandenburg

"I wanted to thank you. I listened to the DigYourWork program and heard you talk about many helpful things; the one that helped the most was “advertising yourself”. The part about me being responsible for letting all my friends and family know that I am looking for a job. That part I truly took to heart and I think it best helped me to get this job. It was after-all through my friend/colleague/peer network that I got my new job. I start next week at Dell with a new role. All the best, thanks for what you are doing to empower the seekers!"

Brad Matheny

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“I had been good at getting the interviews, but just seem to be challenged with closing the deal. Well, after listening to the DigYourWork program, I am now employed in my ideal job.”

Ed Long

"I landed a new job in 12 days. I wanted to thank you and your workshop for two very important suggestions. Writing out your accomplishments and placing them on top of your resume; and telling the class to call the hiring manager. If I had not called the hiring manager and faxed my resume directly, I know I would have been just one more resume in the system."

Kathy Salomone