Ken is the perfect combination of successful entrepreneur and engaging speaker with worthwhile information to share.


His employment expertise is derived from over 12 years of owning a successful national recruiting firm and coaching thousands of business professionals through the biggest job transitions of their careers.


Ken incorporates that experience into a keynote that will have a lasting impact on your audience. He has the ability to tell a story and make it come to life, while also making the concepts easy to understand by breaking them into step-by-step processes that anyone can implement.


His straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is approach is refreshingly honest and leaves the audience with the information they need to make significant change in their approach to work.


Ken brings an infectious energy to every event and delights in the discovery of his clients' realization that work and getting a job doesn’t have to be hard; there is a different, more effective way to go about it.


Ken’s message speaks to a wide demographic, including:


  • those who are struggling to find a new job,
  • those who are looking to change careers entirely, and
  • those who are hungry to rekindle the flame in their present employment.


He expertly keeps the audience engaged by delivering strategies that will not just make a long-term difference in their careers, but in their personal lives as well. 


His most popular presentations include:


  • Got Clarity?

Clearly identify the jobs that are right for you.


  • Get Your Resume Noticed

You have 8-10 seconds to wow the hiring authority. Is your resume up to speed?


  • Fearless Interviewing

Build value and get to the offer stage.


  • Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

They’re there. You simply have to know where to look.  


  • Love the Job You Have

Rekindle that old flame.


  • Discover Your Dream Job

Identify the career that sets your heart on fire.


  • Use Your Past To Create Your Future

How to transfer skills from your old job to your new career.


For these topics (and others within his area of expertise), Ken can customize presentations specifically for your audience. He can also deliver his valuable messages in a wide range of formats – from a 30-minute keynote to a full-day workshop.


Ken is available for:


  • Keynotes
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Executive Consultation


Contact Ken to book your next event.

Speaker One Sheet

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“Ken’s brimming with sound logic, insightful ideas, and off-the-charts exuberance. He speaks and shares from the genuineness of his big heart.”

Mariesa Kanetzky

“Ken has such a God-given talent for encouraging others and communicating his incredible material in a positive and motivating way."

Jennifer Loftis