When you’re in the midst of a job search, you have a lot to think about.


  • What am I supposed to put on my resume?
  • What do I say in the interview? What do I not say?
  • Do I even know what kind of job I’m looking for?


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a job search expert to personally walk you through the most critical steps of landing your next job?


Now you do.


Consulting with Ken gives you a leg up on the competition by thoroughly preparing you for the key pieces you MUST have in order to get a job fast.


During your consultation, Ken will work with you one-on-one to discover your unique strengths that create far better results than trying to navigate the job search process on your own.







Take the 8-10 Second Resume Test


Cover up the bottom 2/3 of the first page of your resume, leaving only the top 1/3 visible. That is your resume. That’s it.


You have about 8-10 seconds to show your value, maybe 15 on a good day. In those few seconds, if a company can’t clearly see your value, they will either delete your resume or go into elimination mode, using their biases to look for things they don’t like.  

During this consultation package, I will walk you through the necessary steps to build a resume that clearly shows your value.

You will learn how to:


  • Identify all of your career accomplishments (including those you’ve forgotten) and get them out in front of you on paper.
  • Hand-pick the 4-6 primary accomplishments that will be at the top 1/3 of your primary resume.
  • Edit your resume for each job you apply for.


Your resume will be constructed over the course of three phone sessions with homework assignments in between.

Session 1:  Overview of the entire resume-building process.  (60 minutes)

Session 2:  Identify the core needs of your target companies, identify your career accomplishments that match those needs and build them into your resume.  (45 minutes)

Session 3:  Review your completed resume and make final edits that will open new doors.  (45 minutes)






Think back to the last few job interviews you’ve had. Was there one job that you felt perfectly qualified for, but didn’t receive an offer?

You may have been the most qualified candidate for the position, but your qualifications alone won’t get you the job. How you interview determines whether or not you get the job.  

The typical “answers” to interview questions no longer apply in today’s job market.

During this consultation package, I will:


  • Work with you before your next interview so you can walk in with confidence.*
  • Debrief after the interview and teach you the right way to follow up with the company.


My Proven Interview Prep Process:


  • Removes the anxiety and fear that typically accompanies an interview.
  • Gives you the new “answers to the test” by showing you how to identify the core needs of the interviewer and the company.
  • Helps you give the interviewer a clear visualization of how you specifically can help the company accomplish their goals and solve their problems.
  • Clearly shows your value and gets you to the offer stage.


The interview prep process will be conducted over the course of two to four phone sessions depending on the number of interviews you have with a particular company. 


Session 1:  Overview of the Interview Method that has landed thousands of people the job they wanted, as well as prep for your first interview.  (60 minutes)


Session 2:  Debrief after the initial interview and prepare for the next interview (if applicable).  (20 minutes)


Session 3 & 4:  Debrief and prep of additional interviews in the process (if needed).  (20 minutes each)


* You must have an interview date and time scheduled prior to booking your first session.





Do you dread Mondays?

Is there something gnawing at you that it’s time for a change?

Here’s a quick litmus test:


  • When you submit your resume, are you hoping you don’t get called in for an interview?
  • After an interview, are you happy when you don’t hear from the company?
  • Do you get excited by the mere thought of doing anything different?


If you answered yes to any of these questions…it’s time. So, now what? Gaining clarity about exactly what you want to do next is obviously a lot easier said than done. If you already knew what you wanted, wouldn’t you be doing it?  Besides, what do you do with all of the experience you’ve gained over the course of your career, only to have to start over from scratch?


The good news is you don’t have to start from scratch.  

All of the experience and knowledge you have can be leveraged into a brand new career that will set your heart on fire.

I know because I’ve done it.  And I’ve helped hundreds of others do it too.


If there’s a stirring in your heart and you don’t act now, the inspiration will evaporate. It always does.

Let’s get started today.

This package consists of four one-on-one phone sessions (60 minutes each) with homework assignments in between.

Session 1:  Discover everything that speaks to your heart.

Session 2:  Narrow it down to your must-haves.

Session 3:  Identify jobs/careers that contain your must-haves.

Session 4:  Explore those jobs/careers until you identify your new career direction.





Take a brief online survey to determine how prepared you are to find your next job.


“I’ve worked with outplacement firms and career coaches and at the end-of-the-day developed a great resume—that looks like everyone else’s. After completing your training and acting on your plan, now I have a resume that stands out from the rest and gets results, thank you!”

Keith Pease

“A few weeks in, my new boss said to me: ‘Amy, I don’t know if we ever told you this, but when you left your interview, the three of us looked at each other blankly until someone finally said ‘She ran that interview’. You asked us questions about what we needed and showed us how you could help us. That’s all we needed to hear.’”

Amy O’Malley

"Ken literally changed my life. He helped me realize what I wanted out of life, and how to go after it. And he made it all seem so simple. I have witnessed him do the same things with others. He brings about that 'Aha' moment."

Rebecca Glenn Gindele