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If you're like most job-seekers, you are not professionally trained on how to get a job. How prepared are you right now to engage in the search that will yield the results you are looking for? For over a decade, we've been running a premier, nation-wide recruiting firm that places talented people like you in jobs they adore. Based on this experience, we've created the online DigYourWork Assessment to gauge your readiness across six critical categories. Upon completion, you can obtain your free profile report and an insightful article about successful transitions. For each of the following statements, indicate how strongly you agree. Do not agonize over the "right" answer. Respond quickly and out of your intuition.

Q1. People love to do whatever they can to help their friends.

Q2. Friends often ask me for encouragement and accountability for their goals.

Q3. I love what Iím currently doing for a living.

Q4. Asking people for help is easy for me.

Q5. I know exactly what I want in my next job.

Q6. I often have interviewers remark that my resume stood out from the rest.

Q7. I really enjoy interviewing.

Q8. I leave most interviews knowing exactly what the company is looking to accomplish.

Q9. My resume looks great to me.

Q10. I get my best results when I do things on my own.

Q11. In my current job search, I have written S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals.

Q12. All my friends and family know specifically what kind of job Iím looking for.

Q13. Creating a written action plan is fun.

Q14. The interview tends to go in the direction I want it to.

Q15. Iím ready to switch careers entirely.

Q16. When trying new things, I enjoy doing them in a group.

Q17. Every time I interview with a company, I get an offer.

Q18. I prefer to call a company about a job rather than apply online.

Q19. There are plenty of jobs available in my field.

Q20. Big companies post all of their job openings on their website.

Q21. Iím really good at holding myself accountable to my goals.

Q22. Interviewing is a great opportunity to identify the needs of the company.

Q23. Iíd love to help some of my friends figure out their dream job.

Q24. My resume clearly articulates the positive impact Iíve had on past employers.

Q25. Interviewing is the easiest part of my job search.

Q26. The concept of ďfirst, get clearĒ makes sense to me.

Q27. I always create a written action plan before I start my job search.

Q28. I get my best results when I Ďwing ití and react to whatís out there.

Q29. Enjoying what I do for a living is very important to me.

Q30. Almost all job openings can be found on the internet.

Q31. Written action plans double my productivity.

Q32. My resume clearly shows a company how I can help them accomplish their goals.

Q33. In my job search, Iím all about being proactive.

Q34. I have no problem finding good jobs to pursue.

Q35. In order to get the interviews I want, I know Iíll need a very good resume.

Q36. My resume gets me more interviews than I can handle.

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