Back in early 2000, in my home state of Minnesota, I was fortunate to become part owner of a small national recruiting firm in Minneapolis that specialized in placing high-level sales executives. We quickly grew to three offices in two states and at one time, had 40+ people recruiting for us.


In late 2004, I moved to Austin, TX and started another national recruiting firm called Point-Blank Recruiting. After 12 years of working with thousands of executives, I have gained an understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in regard to landing  a job.


Word spread about our success in connecting our clients to well-paying jobs that they love. Subsequently, I was inundated with friends and friends-of-friends that were struggling to get a job. I started teaching classes at my church and in the conference room at my office. The demand grew, so in early 2008, I decided to start a company to help the masses…and DigYourWork was born.


In 2009, The DigYourWork Program was professionally recorded and mastered so that it would be available to anyone around the world. It has helped job seekers as far off as Australia, India, and Thailand.


The mission of DigYourWork is to teach job seekers around the world a more efficient and effective way to land a job.


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"If you have a headache, you go to the doctor. If you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. If you have a job ache, you go to Ken. He knows his stuff, he’ll cure your job ache."

Eduardo Perez